Lego (s)

The truck

So the image above is a LEGO truck, quite obviously. It is pulling a trailer with a generator in a tub on the front, which is the yellow bucket. The black grate in the back of the truck bed is a stove, because guess what? It’s a hot dog man’s truck! The truck used to be a camper, but is now a truck. It also has the portable hot dog stand for smaller spaces like sidewalks, as you can see. (It is the white thing next to the cab) Onto the next picture!

The picture below is of the actual hot dog stand. My brother, who built it, is a genius. And I mean it. He figured out how to rig it so that the clear door type thing actually goes up and down, plus he built the trailer base. My touches are the decorative things, the man holding a hotdog and raising the window. I also added the girl and the ketchup/mustard squirters. (that’s not a word, squirters, but who cares?) So, that is our little LEGO hot dog man’s tuck and trailer!

P.S. sorry for the bad picture below, I was using my phone’s camera, which is terrible, and there was bad lighting. The background is red because I was holding my brother’s kindle up to block the light.

The trailer