The Lost Princess

I am writing a new story called The Lost Princess. I really like where it is going right now, and have always wanted to write a twist on the regular fairy tales story, so this is it! The link is below, the description is:

The Lost Princess is a twist on the regular fairy tales, including the princesses Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, Melody (Ariel’s daughter), Cinderella, and Belle. Each of them is renamed and re-imagined into my own character, and each are more based on the old stories (not the Disney versions) except Melody who is my idea of Disney’s character.

I am planning on more parts or books featuring each of them as the main character, but right now Rapunzel is the main character, under the name Celeste.  (I have never watched Melody’s movie, by the way, so if I get her completely ‘wrong,’ It’s all artistic license (: )

Please read it and vote/comment!


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