My life is rough right now, but that dosn’t mean I shouldn’t give you guys good posts. So I’m going to write about life being rough. (:

School is a big game changer because it can take me until 1:00 to finish. So that’s half my day. Then I have maybe 3 hours before I have to go run. Thursdays I’m gone all day, so I don’t have any time then. After running I eat supper, have an hour or so to myself, and then hop in the shower. At 9:00 I go to bed, play on my kindle/read for a bit, then go to sleep. That is my day. (Weekday.)

Now that you know my schedule, let’s take about the three hours I have to myself. In that time I get to:

  • Clean (bedroom)
  • Write
  • Blog
  • Play (w/ my siblings because they deserve attention too)

Cleaning is only once a month or so, because I usually keep my room pretty neat and put away things. Writing takes two hours right off the bat, so one hour left. In that time I get to blog, play, and update Wattpad. I usually update Wattpad first, then I write more. (Opps…) Now this is the tricky part: Do I blog or play? I don’t want to just leave my siblings (even though I’d be happy just writing all day) My interests may have changed at age 14, but at the ages of 11 and 8 they are still kids, as much as they deny it.

Do I play with them? Sometimes I do, then I’ll give you (my readers) a quick blog post before I take a shower. (Like I’m doing now.) It’s a real struggle. Usually I end up writing and then wish I had played with them because it’s also relaxing to play and be a kid again. Do you know the struggle? (I’m speaking to other teens here, but maybe also adults with young kids or nieces or nephews….)

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Expect a short story called Across the Ocean Thursday, it’s a WWI romance, and if you want to read it now you can go to



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  1. Same, I sometimes have to choose between writing and hanging out with my sis. She usually wins out because she is more important (even though I write for a living now)

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