New Laptop

So for a long time I blogged from the desktop. Then a laptop that was mostly dad’s but I used it too. Now… I have my own laptop!!!

It used to be mom’s, but the desktop broke so Dad’s laptop turned into the desktop. That way my brother can still do math. (We use teaching textbooks, so we need to have a different computer for each kid) Mom got a new laptop, a Dell. (The keys light up!!!!! We have never had a laptop that did that!) And I got her old laptop. That is really confusing, but just read it two or three times and you’ll get it.

I had to pay $50 and so now the laptop is COMPLETELY MINE. I only had to pay $50 because I do my math and other school stuff on it too, wich lowered the price, plus it’s used, and I’m not allowed to bring it into my room because I’m only 14. Okay, now: why do I love it? Because I can completely customize it, and because no one will take it while I’m working! I have never gotten to customize so much on any computer, so I’m having some (lots) fun.



This is a screenshot of my desktop. (the cat is not mine, it’s a random kitty 🙂  The snipping tool is really cool and is what I use to take screenshots. By the way, I am NOT learning how to type still, I just like to practice and increase my WPM with Typing Instructor. (:

Anyway, all this to say, I may be a little behind in answering questions etc, because I am still figuring out how to work this thing. But you are all cool with it, right? Right.

As a side note: I will be in Dollywood tomorrow all day. I have never been to Dollywood, so this will be cool. My dad’s work is paying for it because they didn’t do the company picnic they usually do, so they are doing this instead. I may schedule a post for tomorrow, but don’t expect much. Also, my grandparents on Mom’s side are visiting this next week, Monday through Monday and Sunday I have a BGLG meeting along with church + youth group. So, please don’t expect a lot of posts because I promise I will try, but it doesn’t always work.


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  1. How cool! I wish I had my own laptop

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