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Fairy Tale Chronicles

Hey all! Remember I talked about The Lost Princess being part of a series? Well, I made a website for it where you can find all the chapters and information about The Lost Princess, and Ambassador, not Princess. The website just went public, so you will be the second to see it! (The first was my friend Grace- she checked it out for me)


The Link:

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Letters From Home~ A Civil War Story

So my friend is writing a book called Letters From Home~ A Civil War Story. I highly suggest it to you- it’s a historical fiction romance book. She has almost finished it, and it comes out January 1st 2018.

The description reads this:

It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.
~General Robert E. Lee, CSA

Fourteen year old Marigold Ruth Bryant and her friends lived the life of farmers in the early 1860s. But times are changing. With the attack on Fort Sumter, Marigold’s life in Western North Carolina is turned upside down. Romance and uncertainty now precede each step. Meeting legendary figures in this war, Marigold must decide what she truly believes. Follow the steps of this simple farm girl, and discover more about the lives of those impacted by this conflict. 

You can read more here:

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The Lost Princess

Hi all! I’m up to chapter 5 of The Lost Princess. It’s on Wattpad, if you want to read it Chapter 5 here!

And if you haven’t read any of it yet: Please check it out! Book Here

I promise I will be updating it more now that my grandparents are gone. It’s kind of rude to be typing ALL THE TIME when you have guests, so… I don’t get a ton of writing done then. But that’s OK, they are just little breaks!

So, please check out The Lost Princess! Thank you!

Note: I’m almost at 60 followers- 58 right now- so thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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She said goodbye
I went far away
Never thought I’d be seeing her again

But now I am
I’m going back

I should be happy
And I am
But the whole thing

Is rather

I made new friends,
Said Hello
Thought I’d always see them

Now I’m leaving,
Traveling far away

I’ll be saying hello to her again
But goodbye to those I know now
Goodbye to new people, hello to old.

It’s sad,
I’m leaving a place where I grew

But it’s happy too,
I’m going back home
I’m seeing her again

It’s bittersweet,
As I say goodbye again

It’s bittersweet,
As I say goodbye
I thought moving here was hard

I hid under the covers that day
Didn’t want to leave

But hey,
I made it here,
I’ve been good so far

I’m here
I’m leaving

It’s Bittersweet

Goodbye Graciebeth
Goodbye Grace Matlyn
Goodbye Reba
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

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Okay so I have these four ninja, Max, Jake, Kate, and Catherine, who are kids of my four original ninja, Faith, Mia, Loyed, and Isabelle. One of them is Sabrina’s kid, because Loyed and Mia married, but I needed four non-sibling kids, so… Anyway, for those of you who know who they are, they all had kids in the future- suprise suprise! Visit for more info, if you don’t know who these folks are!

So: What element should I give them? Max I’m giving Fire, their enemy is Shadow, Catherine I’m thinking Ice, maybe? So here is a list of elements and there are two other Ninja, Kate, Mia Ninja of Nature, and Loyed, Ninja of Water, their kid, plus Jake, Sabrina, Warrior of Farland, daughter to Sensei.
List of Elements:

So who should have what? Please tell me!

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Turning a page

So my dad got a job in Wisconsin, where I used to live. So now… we will be moving back, to the same town. Because of that (and the fact that now my OTHER grandparents are here, crazy, right?) my posting is going to be sporadic and possibly non-existent. I will try to post, I promise!!! Sorry for ay inconvenience.

I will miss all my friends here, Graciebeth, Grace Matlyn, and Reba. LGRG Writing WILL still be continued, I will be video chatted into their meetings. If you have any questions, just comment or contact me. (:

Wish me luck in this new chapter of my life!

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Best Friends

So when I was younger it was easy, especially when I was really young. When I was super little, until I was six years old, I lived in the Ogema/Rib Lake area of Northern Wisconsin. I had one friend: Alyssa. (Name changed for privacy reasons)

When we moved to Rhinelander Wisconsin I became friends with Faith. Now, on one of Faith’s birthdays I got her and I best friend necklaces. I have never told anyone this, but I was really nervous that she wouldn’t like it and wouldn’t think we where BFFs. However, she loved it! I knew from then on that we where BFFs.

Then things got confusing. We moved, across the country, one thousand miles away from Rhinelander. This new place is North Carolina, and here I met LGRG Writing (previously BGLG) Grace Matlyn Buckner was the first person I really became friends with, along with her cousin, and then Graciebeth moved to North Carolina too. She came from Arizona. Graciebeth, Grace Matlyn, and I all became good friends at our co-op. We then started our writing group with Reba, another girl we met who is a writer.

So now, I have many ‘best friends’ I think I have a best friend for every state I have lived in. And that’s the way it always will be.

Do you have a best friend? Who would you call your BFF?

Photo by Joshua Sazon on Unsplash

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There is a statue in downtown Ashevill NC that is well-known by the locals. However, I doubt that you know a lot about the statue, so here is what I found. If I am wrong about anything, please comment and tell me!

The statue, named Childhood, that stands on the back side of Pack Square is much loved in the Asheville community and is the creation of Betty and Perry Bartsch. They wanted to help the Urban Trail through Asheville, a self-guided tour that shows visitors some of Asheville’s statues and unique places, because their friend, Grace Plass, was chairman of the Urban Trail committee. 

I can’t find when she was made, but Childhood is modeled after the Bartsch’s two daughters and was sculpted by Jim Barnhill of Greensboro.  The girl is drinking from a horse head shaped fountain attached to a lamppost.

“Postcards of the early 1900’s showed a lamppost and horsehead fountain on the square,” Grace Pless said. “The girl’s presence commemorates that memory of the square. Also, the trail is about the past and the child is symbolic of the future.”

Recently a writer for Asheville Citizen Times wrote this:

“I have heard many people talking about the girl, whose name is “Childhood,” and just for the heck of it, I asked a dozen people which statue they liked best – the girl, the one across the street from her, or the “tree” at the new federal building.

All 12 chose Childhood.

“I think she has captivated the public,” one woman said. “I wish we could have others at various places downtown. Wouldn’t that make it more interesting to go downtown?””

The writer also writes:

“One of the dozen I asked about the statues said she thought the girl was best because, “She has caught the town’s fancy. She’s a charming girl,” the woman said. “I feel as if I know her.””

In conclusion, while the girl is loved by Asheville and always has been, she is not well-known outside of Asheville, but will always be a fond memory to the citizens of Asheville.


The writer’s article can be found on

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BUSY BUSY + prompts

So my grandparents are gone, BUT my other grandparents are coming really soon and we are doing other stuff to get ready for them this week. So I should be able to post this week, but not next week. SO SORRY, but once they all leave I’ll post all the time. (:

Onward- to the prompts!

As always, please tell me if you make something out of these, because I really liked them and want to know what you make! (Unless, of course, you hate what you made and don’t want anyone to see it. In that case maybe you could send it to me and I could encourage you by saying it’s great! (: )

They are both from Promptuarium as usual.