Fairy Tale Chronicles

Hey all! Remember I talked about The Lost Princess being part of a series? Well, I made a website for it where you can find all the chapters and information about The Lost Princess, and Ambassador, not Princess. The website just went public, so you will be the second to see it! (The first was my … More Fairy Tale Chronicles

The Lost Princess

Hi all! I’m up to chapter 5 of The Lost Princess. It’s on Wattpad, if you want to read it Chapter 5 here! And if you haven’t read any of it yet: Please check it out! Book Here I promise I will be updating it more now that my grandparents are gone. It’s kind of rude to be … More The Lost Princess


She said goodbye I went far away Never thought I’d be seeing her again But now I am I’m going back I should be happy And I am But the whole thing Is rather Bittersweet I made new friends, Said Hello Thought I’d always see them Now I’m leaving, Traveling far away I’ll be saying … More Bittersweet


Okay so I have these four ninja, Max, Jake, Kate, and Catherine, who are kids of my four original ninja, Faith, Mia, Loyed, and Isabelle. One of them is Sabrina’s kid, because Loyed and Mia married, but I needed four non-sibling kids, so… Anyway, for those of you who know who they are, they all … More Questions!!!

Turning a page

So my dad got a job in Wisconsin, where I used to live. So now… we will be moving back, to the same town. Because of that (and the fact that now my OTHER grandparents are here, crazy, right?) my posting is going to be sporadic and possibly non-existent. I will try to post, I … More Turning a page

Best Friends

So when I was younger it was easy, especially when I was really young. When I was super little, until I was six years old, I lived in the Ogema/Rib Lake area of Northern Wisconsin. I had one friend: Alyssa. (Name changed for privacy reasons) When we moved to Rhinelander Wisconsin I became friends with … More Best Friends


There is a statue in downtown Ashevill NC that is well-known by the locals. However, I doubt that you know a lot about the statue, so here is what I found. If I am wrong about anything, please comment and tell me! The statue, named Childhood, that stands on the back side of Pack Square … More Childhood