Best Friends

So when I was younger it was easy, especially when I was really young. When I was super little, until I was six years old, I lived in the Ogema/Rib Lake area of Northern Wisconsin. I had one friend: Alyssa. (Name changed for privacy reasons)

When we moved to Rhinelander Wisconsin I became friends with Faith. Now, on one of Faith’s birthdays I got her and I best friend necklaces. I have never told anyone this, but I was really nervous that she wouldn’t like it and wouldn’t think we where BFFs. However, she loved it! I knew from then on that we where BFFs.

Then things got confusing. We moved, across the country, one thousand miles away from Rhinelander. This new place is North Carolina, and here I met LGRG Writing (previously BGLG) Grace Matlyn Buckner was the first person I really became friends with, along with her cousin, and then Graciebeth moved to North Carolina too. She came from Arizona. Graciebeth, Grace Matlyn, and I all became good friends at our co-op. We then started our writing group with Reba, another girl we met who is a writer.

So now, I have many ‘best friends’ I think I have a best friend for every state I have lived in. And that’s the way it always will be.

Do you have a best friend? Who would you call your BFF?

Photo by Joshua Sazon on Unsplash


  1. Faith says:

    That’s funny about the necklaces because I knew we were best friends ever since I first met you😉

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    1. Aww thank you Faith! You know, I’ve always been a lot less sure of everything. Remember how shy I used to be?😂


  2. Reba Cray says:

    Oh, and I love you too Grace and Renée!! 😜❤

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    1. I love all y’all! 😉

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  3. Reba Cray says:

    I am very blessed with many BFF’s. You being one of them! Along with Grace, Graciebeth and Renée. I have a lot of others too, but it would take to long to name all of them!
    I’m so very happy you and Graciebeth moved here. I know you miss you friends from Wisconsin, and Graciebeth probably misses her friends from Arizona. and I know I would too! But, I’m very glad you both live here now. You guys are some of my closest friends, and BFF’s!! Love you Loretta Marchize! I love you Graciebeth!😊❤

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