Okay so I have these four ninja, Max, Jake, Kate, and Catherine, who are kids of my four original ninja, Faith, Mia, Loyed, and Isabelle. One of them is Sabrina’s kid, because Loyed and Mia married, but I needed four non-sibling kids, so… Anyway, for those of you who know who they are, they all had kids in the future- suprise suprise! Visit for more info, if you don’t know who these folks are!

So: What element should I give them? Max I’m giving Fire, their enemy is Shadow, Catherine I’m thinking Ice, maybe? So here is a list of elements and there are two other Ninja, Kate, Mia Ninja of Nature, and Loyed, Ninja of Water, their kid, plus Jake, Sabrina, Warrior of Farland, daughter to Sensei.
List of Elements:

So who should have what? Please tell me!

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