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She said goodbye
I went far away
Never thought I’d be seeing her again

But now I am
I’m going back

I should be happy
And I am
But the whole thing

Is rather

I made new friends,
Said Hello
Thought I’d always see them

Now I’m leaving,
Traveling far away

I’ll be saying hello to her again
But goodbye to those I know now
Goodbye to new people, hello to old.

It’s sad,
I’m leaving a place where I grew

But it’s happy too,
I’m going back home
I’m seeing her again

It’s bittersweet,
As I say goodbye again

It’s bittersweet,
As I say goodbye
I thought moving here was hard

I hid under the covers that day
Didn’t want to leave

But hey,
I made it here,
I’ve been good so far

I’m here
I’m leaving

It’s Bittersweet

Goodbye Graciebeth
Goodbye Grace Matlyn
Goodbye Reba
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash


I am a fourteen-year old avid reader, writer, and runner. I’m the editor of The Discoverer, a monthly newspaper, and have been writing for four years. I have finished more than one book and am working on other projects such as my blog, and the short stories that I love. I am a Christian, and proud of it!

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