The Lost Princess

Hi all! I’m up to chapter 5 of The Lost Princess. It’s on Wattpad, if you want to read it Chapter 5 here!

And if you haven’t read any of it yet: Please check it out! Book Here

I promise I will be updating it more now that my grandparents are gone. It’s kind of rude to be typing ALL THE TIME when you have guests, so… I don’t get a ton of writing done then. But that’s OK, they are just little breaks!

So, please check out The Lost Princess! Thank you!

Note: I’m almost at 60 followers- 58 right now- so thank you thank you thank you!!!!!


  1. What’s your story about?


    1. Hello, Judith. The Lost Princess is a fairy tale two book. It features quite a few different characters who share the role as main character. If you would like to read more, search The Lost Princess in the search bar of my site for the first chapter plus a few blog posts about it. Thank you for asking! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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      1. I did not mean fairy tale two, I meant fairy tale twist, sorry.


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