Writing a Wedding

For all those writers who have a wedding in their story and need help: I have researched it all and can help you! Being a teenager, I’ve never attended a wedding as someone getting married, but I attended my cousins wedding a few years back. (plus a wedding where I was the flower girl, but … More Writing a Wedding

Happy Thanksgiving

A little LATE, but I figured that not everyone would be online yesterday. SO: Happy Thanksgiving! And how was your black Friday? At my house, we don’t do black Friday. (sometimes online) TODAY HOWEVER we actually went to Khols! Wow! First we went to Perkins (a restaurant that I’m sure I didn’t spell right) Mom, … More Happy Thanksgiving

Said is NOT dead!

Said is NOT dead! This may come as a surprise to some of you. It certainly came as a surprise to me when I first started researching it. I’m going to be using an example from my book The Lost Princess. (chapter 10) “You should be fine now. Come into my office, wich is located … More Said is NOT dead!


So as you may know, I’m not much of a people person. Don’t take me wrong, I LOVE my friends and everyone, but I’m just a very quiet, shy person. You may not guess it from my writing, but yes, I am. I had a lot of people time today, so I’m a little overwhelmed, … More Leaving

Thank YOU!

Dear followers, I have some news. A poem. And a message. Yes! 500+ likes on Just Writing!! Thank you so much!! And: 62 followers!!! Thank you!!! As a special reward/treat I give you: Thank You: Thank you for all the likes Thank you for all the comments Thank you for all these months you’ve spent … More Thank YOU!

Chapters 6-7

Chapters 6-7 of The Lost Princess are now on Wattpad! (not fairy tale chronicles yet) they can be found here https://www.wattpad.com/story/122474025-the-lost-princess Enjoy!

A little about me

Hey so my house got an offer and long story short, we accepted. We will be leaving the 19th or 20th, wish us luck! Anyways, I was sick yesterday and didn’t get much done, so today I will post a little about me! I think I’ve shared this one before, my three Rs. This one … More A little about me