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Thank YOU!

Dear followers,

I have some news. A poem. And a message.


Yes! 500+ likes on Just Writing!! Thank you so much!! And:


62 followers!!! Thank you!!! As a special reward/treat I give you:

Thank You:

Thank you for all the likes
Thank you for all the comments
Thank you for all these months you’ve spent reading my silly posts
Thank you for all the follows, from the very first to the latest

Thank you

I thank you from the bottom of my heart
I can’t thank you enough
I wish I could meet you all, and tell you how I feel
I wish I could send you a present

A hug
To you
A hug
From me

Thank you

I invite you
I sent you your own invitation
To celebrate
With me

Thank you


You are the best!

You are the greatest!

You’ve done so much and made me so, so happy. Thank you.”


Loretta Marchize


I am a fourteen-year old avid reader, writer, and runner. I’m the editor of The Discoverer, a monthly newspaper, and have been writing for four years. I have finished more than one book and am working on other projects such as my blog, and the short stories that I love. I am a Christian, and proud of it!

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