So as you may know, I’m not much of a people person. Don’t take me wrong, I LOVE my friends and everyone, but I’m just a very quiet, shy person. You may not guess it from my writing, but yes, I am. I had a lot of people time today, so I’m a little overwhelmed, but that’s okay.

Today is Sunday, for those of you who are reading this later. It’s 8:47 where I live and my siblings are in bed. My mom is watching a HTV movie on the couch across from me. I’m blogging, as you can tell. Today was a very busy day. It is/was our last Sunday in North Carolina. We said a lot of good-byes, some of them to be our last. We made plans to get together over the next week with our friends.

Today I said goodbye to people I’ve only known for three years.

Today was one of the hardest days, because while it feels like I’ll keep on seeing everyone, I know I won’t see half of them again. And that’s very sad. Because even if I rarely talk to them, most of my youth group has influenced me in some way. And even if some of them are annoying from time to time, everyone has their moments.

And I want to say, I’ll miss you all.

You bought a cookie cake for me, took pictures with the polaroid camera, prayed over me, wrote me special notes on the chalkboard wall, and made me a card that you all signed. I love that. Thank you oh so much.

But it’s sad. It really is.

I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m leaving. I don’t want to leave my best of friends, my fellow LGRG writers.

But that’s life.

One of my friends made a special gift, she decorated a bunch of pages in the journal we do together. She made special notes and included a picture of her family. She’s so awesome and amazing.

I also reconnected with a friend who I was good friends with for a while, but then something happend and now we aren’t as close. But today I felt like we where really truly friends again, wich I’ve had that felling recently. She’s really nice, a bit different from time to time, but sweet.

I’ll miss them all. I’m glad I could have this time, three years, to live in North Carolina and enjoy the fellowship of my fellow youth. All of them, even the ones who I don’t know well, because youth wouldn’t be the same without them.

I’ll miss them.




  1. I’ll miss you, Reba!

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  2. Reba Cray says:

    I’m crying right now.
    I never cry, and I’m crying. This is like the third time too.
    You leaving is really rough. For all of us. You’ve become one of us, and you have no clue how hard it will be to get used to you being gone.
    I don’t know what I’ll do without you here.
    I love you so much dear, sweet Loretta! We all do!
    I’m sorry I’m not very good at showing these emotions as much when I’m actually around you. I find it hard to do. And you always have a smile that lights up everyone around, so it’s hard to be sad around you. Even when I’ve been having a bad day, you’ve made my days better. Brighter. Happier.
    This was way longer than I met for it to be. Sorry!
    L❤VE YOU MZ!!!!!

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