A Little Note


Yes, I have not been posting. BUT I have been writing! And school. School takes up my mornings, writing my afternoons. Well, by writing I mean editing. I have been editing & re-writing The Lost Princess plus I’m planning Ambassador and Princess. There were a couple plot holes/inconsistencies in The Lost Princess plus things like unrealistic dialogue. BUT I’m fixing all that and getting ready for the release date! (May 10th 2018)

I also have been improving my graphic designs. Click Here (link leads to Wattpad) to find some examples. (note: If you want me to make you a cover I will! Just keep in mind that if I’m too busy with school I may have to refuse. But I’ll try!)

Also, I got Goodreads as an author now so Click Here to check out my profile or follow me!

See you around!



  1. I followed you on Goodreads (Virginia Henderson)

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    1. I followed you back!

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