Slave Hunter

Jaylin looked over at Peter. “Are you sure about this?” she asked. “Yes,” he said “It’s not like we have an option,” he said, “We can’t go back.” Jaylin looked over her shoulder at the door they had come through. It was locked, they had tried the knob. “Okay, I guess,” she said. Peter attempted to … More Slave Hunter


So today I’m going to talk about clothes. I happen to really like clothes. I have posted about this before but it was a little different. View it here We will start from the bottom with something really boring but sort of not. Socks. I like wearing socks, but the funny thing is that a … More Clothing

Building a Blog

If you want to start a blog, there are a TON of places filled with information. And, sure, it all helps. But if you want a simple something that helps you understand the basics, well, that’s hard to find. So, I’ll put it out there in ENGLISH with no complicated words. if you want to … More Building a Blog

The Soldier

“You must remember, Abe, that you always should be good to soldiers,” Nancy said. She was kneading bread at the counter. “But why?” Able asked. “Because they have worked very hard to keep America free. They worked and worked and worked. They work so that we can live in America, and so America can stay … More The Soldier


Hi everyone! So I have been busy. That means… little to none posting. Oops. I have been doing Christmas celebrations with my extended family. I have also been writing. I finished rewriting The Lost Princess.  I still have to print and edit it. I am also working on prewriting Ambassador and Princess, I have 2 … More Updates