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Building a blog

If you want to start a blog, there are a TON of places filled with information. And, sure, it all helps. But if you want a simple something that helps you understand the basics, well, that’s hard to find. So, I’ll put it out there in ENGLISH with no complicated words.

  1. if you want to do this for free and maybe spend money later: I would recommend WordPress.COM ( is more complicated) (duh, that’s what I use) WordPress is free and easy to use, plus you can pay money later to upgrade your account- or you can always have it for free
  2. Blogspot: I’ve never actually used this and I hear it isn’t for hardcore bloggers, but it can be a good option if you want to do some low-key blogging
  3. Weebly: again, hardcore bloggers: DO NOT USE, but low-key blogging it can be great for
  4. Wix: while researching for this post, I found Wix. I’m not sure how it works, and I will be talking about WordPress, but from what I found Wix can be good (it uses HTML5)
  5. Yola: with a free plan you can only have 2 sites and 3 web pages, but it has no adds and is relatively easy to use

SO once you have researched what program to use and decided whether or not to be a hard-core or low-key blogger, then you can start working!

(Note: these are generic tips for any blogging platform.)

First things first: A site title and domain. Try something catchy, not too long, and easy to say. If it’s your blog you can use your name. (my domain is my title is Just Writing)

The second thing you have to do is think about design. Find good pictures that illustrate the colors and items that your blog is all about. Pick a good color scheme. (for those of you who aren’t so hot in the design or photography quarters: Click Here for a great color scheme generator- you can even change the shades or lock down colors and get some new ones. So easy to use. Click Here to find a great COMPLETELY free picture jackpot. No watermarks, or little dollar signs.)

The third thing is content. Content is important. Decide on a broad topic, grow a fan base, and then you can hone in on what you love. (for example, do photography first and then show off all of your specialty bird photos)

This is VERY important and ties into content. Tags. I can not repeat this enough: tags, tags, tags, tags. Use tags. Take a look at my post: writing, writing resources, color scheme, blog, making a free blog, free blogging 6-8 tags are a good idea, don’t go overboard as that overwhelms people, but as a beginner tagger if you can’t think of more than 2-4 at first, don’t worry, you’ll improve. At first, my general tag amount was 2. No higher than 2.

If you have any questions or need help you can just comment or contact me. (I love helping people.)

My Wattpad, Goodreads, and The Fairy Tale Chronicles website, my book series.

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The Soldier

“You must remember, Abe, that you always should be good to soldiers,” Nancy said. She was kneading bread at the counter.
“But why?” Able asked.
“Because they have worked very hard to keep America free. They worked and worked and worked. They work so that we can live in America, and so America can stay America.” Nancy smiled.
“So we can live in America?” Abe frowned.
“Yes. You see, America is different than most other countries. We are very lucky to live in America. If the soldiers didn’t fight for us, then we would be ruled by a king.” Nancy shaped the bread into a round and popped it into the oven.
“Is being ruled by a king bad?” Abe asked, leaning over to watch the bread.
“Not necessarily, but we have a much better system in America. You’ll learn all about it when you are older.” She brushed the flour off her hands and began to clean up her mess. “The only thing you have to remember now is to be good to soldiers.”
“Yes, I know,” Abe said. He picked up the flour bucket and dragged it back into the corner. “Are the soldiers fighting right now?”
“Not right now, but I’m afraid they are talking about fighting.” She sighed. “Let’s pray that they don’t have to fight.”
“I will, Mother, I will,” Abe said. He nodded solemnly, and Nancy laughed.
“You don’t have to worry about it, leave the worrying to grown-ups. Now, why don’t you go get your Father off the field? It’s almost time for supper.”
“Yes Mother,” Abe jumped up and ran outside into the warm summer air.
Nancy watched him go, marveling at how her little boy was growing. She pulled out the dishes and began to set the table.
A few years later…
Abe sat on the porch step. He had just finished his chores and was getting ready to go fishing.
“Don’t forget, come back before supper,” Nancy said. She gave him a sandwich to eat on the way.
“I won’t forget,” Abe said. He picked up his rod and pail. “See you then.” He jogged down the dirt road, headed towards his favorite fishing spot.
Abe cast his line out and propped it between two logs. He sat down on a rock and took his sandwich out of the pail.
Nearly an hour later all Abe had caught was a small fish, which he placed in the pail with some water. He threw the crumbs from his sandwich into the water and picked up his fishing rod.
“And I’m off!” He said to himself and looked down at the little fish. “He’ll fall out if I run,” Abe said out loud. He began to walk and was halfway home when he saw a man in a sort of olive green uniform. A soldier! Abe thought.
“Good day,” The soldier said. He was thin and his uniform was a bit baggy.
Abe thought he looked hungry. “Good day,” Abe said. I wish I hadn’t eaten my sandwich. He thought. I could have given it to this man and eaten my fish instead. “Oh!” He said out loud.
The soldier stopped and turned back to Abe. “What?” He asked.
“Would you like my fish?” Abe asked, holding up the pail.
“Your fish?”
Abe nodded. “Yes. You look hungry, I thought-”
The soldier smiled. “Thank you,” He said, and Abe handed him the fish. “What’s your name, boy?”
“Abe. I mean- Abraham Lincoln sir.”
“No need to call me sir. Thank you for the fish, I’m sure it will be tasty.”
“You’re welcome!” Abe said. “I have to go home now,” He said and took off running. He arrived at his house not long after, just in time for supper.
Nancy met him at the door. “You didn’t catch anything?” She asked.
Abe shook his head. “I caught one little fish, but I met a soldier on the road and gave it to him.”
“Well, come in and eat dinner. That was very nice of you.” Nancy said. She smiled at Abe, and let him into the house.

About the only thing school is good for: blog posts. I wrote this one as a History/English assignment and two birds with one story! School and blogging!

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Don’t believe everything you see

This is what I want to say today: Don’t believe everything that is on the internet.



Okay, see the photo? So cool looking, right? (I did that by the way) Now, scroll down.





See? Look at that! The tops of the pencils aren’t in line, you can see my history binder, English book, my pants, headphones, a stuffed bunny, the other colored pencils…

This is a minor example. Photographs are often more perfect looking than the real world, but that’s not all I’m trying to say. Think about the words too. Would you believe me if I told you I had an Aunt Amy who loved horseback riding and owned a farm? Probably, unless you know me or are part of my family. (I don’t have an Aunt Amy, by the way)

Don’t believe everything. Inspect, question, observe, and take caution. Not everything people say is true.

On a happier note: I am so excited about how my book is coming along and please sign up to be an alpha reader!! Link: Alpha readers

Also: I have absolutely NO idea where this post came from… (:

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Hi everyone! So I have been busy. That means… little to none posting. Oops. I have been doing Christmas celebrations with my extended family. I have also been writing. I finished rewriting The Lost Princess.  I still have to print and edit it. I am also working on prewriting Ambassador and Princess, I have 2 chapters the start of chapter 3 + some scenes from other chapters.

I’ve been on Wattpad a bunch, so if you want to stay updated follow me on there. I also have been on Goodreads a little, so again, follow me on there. (It’s all Loretta Marchize)

I don’t have much to say, other than that I’m in WI (in case I didn’t tell you? did I?) Plus we got a house. Well, it isn’t ours until January 31st, but still.

So good-bye for now. Back to writing!

PS: check this out it’s a great young Christian writer resource (: My friend Grace Matlyn told me about it.