Hi everyone! So I have been busy. That means… little to none posting. Oops. I have been doing Christmas celebrations with my extended family. I have also been writing. I finished rewriting The Lost Princess.  I still have to print and edit it. I am also working on prewriting Ambassador and Princess, I have 2 chapters the start of chapter 3 + some scenes from other chapters.

I’ve been on Wattpad a bunch, so if you want to stay updated follow me on there. I also have been on Goodreads a little, so again, follow me on there. (It’s all Loretta Marchize)

I don’t have much to say, other than that I’m in WI (in case I didn’t tell you? did I?) Plus we got a house. Well, it isn’t ours until January 31st, but still.

So good-bye for now. Back to writing!

PS: kingdompen.org check this out it’s a great young Christian writer resource (: My friend Grace Matlyn told me about it.


  1. I know the feels! Welcome back.

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