Don’t believe everything you see

This is what I want to say today: Don’t believe everything that is on the internet.



Okay, see the photo? So cool looking, right? (I did that by the way) Now, scroll down.





See? Look at that! The tops of the pencils aren’t in line, you can see my history binder, English book, my pants, headphones, a stuffed bunny, the other colored pencils…

This is a minor example. Photographs are often more perfect looking than the real world, but that’s not all I’m trying to say. Think about the words too. Would you believe me if I told you I had an Aunt Amy who loved horseback riding and owned a farm? Probably, unless you know me or are part of my family. (I don’t have an Aunt Amy, by the way)

Don’t believe everything. Inspect, question, observe, and take caution. Not everything people say is true.

On a happier note: I am so excited about how my book is coming along and please sign up to be an alpha reader!! Link: Alpha readers

Also: I have absolutely NO idea where this post came from… (:

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