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If you want to start a blog, there are a TON of places filled with information. And, sure, it all helps. But if you want a simple something that helps you understand the basics, well, that’s hard to find. So, I’ll put it out there in ENGLISH with no complicated words.

  1. if you want to do this for free and maybe spend money later: I would recommend WordPress.COM ( is more complicated) (duh, that’s what I use) WordPress is free and easy to use, plus you can pay money later to upgrade your account- or you can always have it for free
  2. Blogspot: I’ve never actually used this and I hear it isn’t for hardcore bloggers, but it can be a good option if you want to do some low-key blogging
  3. Weebly: again, hardcore bloggers: DO NOT USE, but low-key blogging it can be great for
  4. Wix: while researching for this post, I found Wix. I’m not sure how it works, and I will be talking about WordPress, but from what I found Wix can be good (it uses HTML5)
  5. Yola: with a free plan you can only have 2 sites and 3 web pages, but it has no adds and is relatively easy to use

SO once you have researched what program to use and decided whether or not to be a hard-core or low-key blogger, then you can start working!

(Note: these are generic tips for any blogging platform.)

First things first: A site title and domain. Try something catchy, not too long, and easy to say. If it’s your blog you can use your name. (my domain is my title is Just Writing)

The second thing you have to do is think about design. Find good pictures that illustrate the colors and items that your blog is all about. Pick a good color scheme. (for those of you who aren’t so hot in the design or photography quarters: Click Here for a great color scheme generator- you can even change the shades or lock down colors and get some new ones. So easy to use. Click Here to find a great COMPLETELY free picture jackpot. No watermarks, or little dollar signs.)

The third thing is content. Content is important. Decide on a broad topic, grow a fan base, and then you can hone in on what you love. (for example, do photography first and then show off all of your specialty bird photos)

This is VERY important and ties into content. Tags. I can not repeat this enough: tags, tags, tags, tags. Use tags. Take a look at my post: writing, writing resources, color scheme, blog, making a free blog, free blogging 6-8 tags are a good idea, don’t go overboard as that overwhelms people, but as a beginner tagger if you can’t think of more than 2-4 at first, don’t worry, you’ll improve. At first, my general tag amount was 2. No higher than 2.

If you have any questions or need help you can just comment or contact me. (I love helping people.)

My Wattpad, Goodreads, and The Fairy Tale Chronicles website, my book series.

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