So today I’m going to talk about clothes. I happen to really like clothes. I have posted about this before but it was a little different. View it here

We will start from the bottom with something really boring but sort of not. Socks. I like wearing socks, but the funny thing is that a few years ago (4) I ALWAYS wore flip-flops and never wore socks. I started running cross-country and now I wear socks all day. I usually wear ankle-length athletic socks, because of running, but I love occasionally wearing knee-length socks with fun patterns.


Onto pants! As you can see in the picture, I wear jeans. I LOVE jeans. Not skinny jeans, but boot cut jeans. Skirts are okay if they are long, and I wear them to church. I wear exercise leggings for running and that’s about it.

Tops: I don’t really wear tank-tops (I think I own 2.) For running, I wear just a tee or exercise shirt, not too picky. I hate really low necklines, I’m always pulling them up, and most shirts are not tight on me. (I’m pretty skinny, it’s just my build. I eat a lot, but don’t get any bigger)

For those of you wondering, I’m about 5’4ish (it keeps changing)

You can usually find me in a sweatshirt because I’m always cold and my hair is always up in a ponytail (or a messy bun/ponytail because I was too lazy to do anything else)

I also always wear a watch, ring (the ring I currently have is an infinity symbol and it was only 8$- so cool!), a yellow/white/pink/orange friendship bracelet, a paper bead bracelet from Honduras, three or so boings (otherwise known as ponytail holders), and a friendship bracelet that is purple and blue. I don’t have that one on in the picture because it fell off and I need mom to tie it back on.


The pic is sorta blurry because it’s from my phone which has an awful camera, plus my brother took it.

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