The Lost Princess- update

The Alpha Readers form will be closing soon. I’m going on vacation (spring break for homeschoolers) to Arizona where my grandparents are. We get to fly for the first time! (Us kids, my parents have flown before (of course)). Anyway, I was planning on closing out the form on the last day of February, but … More The Lost Princess- update

DIY project

When you have a free afternoon, or a rainy one, and are looking for an easy project to do, here’s a great one! Emergency Kit Supplies will be listed as I go (in bold). First, take an empty mint tin or other small and sturdy kit. Clean it out if it used to hold liquids or … More DIY project

Change of Title

Just a quick note: Ambassador and Princess is now The Princess Ambassador! If you see the old title, please tell me and I’ll set about changing it. Also, the release date was moved up to June 10th, a month after The Lost Princess is released. (May 10th) But if you’re in a hurry to read … More Change of Title

Kaylin and Jade

Read Kaylin and Jade HERE Jade is a short, ten-year-old girl with long brown hair and equally brown eyes. She is an orphan, adopted by ‘Mother’ or Ms. Trum, an old lady with an old lifestyle. She’s never seen a cell phone, doesn’t know how to read properly, and has no idea how the world … More Kaylin and Jade

Ivy Introspective

First off, thank you for getting my blog to 81 followers!! My next goal is 100, which I never even DREAMED would be possible! Secondly, you should read Kellyn’s books. Kellyn Roth and her books (I posted about it here) I just read Ivy Introspective today (I left a review on Goodreads, read it here. ) Ivy Introspective … More Ivy Introspective

Alpha readers needed!

I need alpha readers for my book Ambassador and Princess! Sign up HERE for Ambassador and Princess (If you have not read The Lost Princess you should… which brings me to my next announcement) If you want to be an alpha reader for The Lost Princess, it’s still open! I will be closing the form … More Alpha readers needed!