So this fall I will be going to public school as a freshman. (yes, I will not be homeschooled anymore…)

Because of that, I will be too busy to post much. In fact, I will put a pause on my writing during that time so I can focus on getting good grades and figuring out how school works.

That does NOT mean I am deleting all my stuff or that I’m going to stop writing. I WILL still write, probably on weekends and homework-free nights. I’m hoping to finish A Princess at Heart (The Fairy Tale Chronicles, #3) before then and I’m also hoping to publish all three books plus maybe a prequel book that I’m thinking about writing. (it doesn’t have a name yet)

If you have any questions you can just comment or email me, I’ll try to answer. (you can also contact me on Wattpad or Goodreads)

I’ll be sticking to my normal schedule (haha, what schedule?) until late August.

Note: I will be running track at the middle school this spring, but that shouldn’t affect me too much.