Sneak Peak at Cilla + Jay (A Princess at Heart)

After a long bit of research and reading, I have figured out my characters for A Princess at Heart.

First off: Cilla. I did a personality test and answered the questions how she would and I ended up with ESTP. I think it’s realistic… but maybe a bit downplayed in Cilla.

Secondly: Jay. I did the same thing with him but I don’t know if I was completely accurate, because I don’t know him as well. I ended up with ESFJ. I don’t know if it’s completely accurate. I actually think he’s a little more ISFJ then he lets on, only being Crown Prince has made him ESFJ.

Anyway, I looked up if they go together or if they clash and (after all the research) I figured out that they do go together, but mostly because Jay is actually more ISFJ then he lets on. (He pretends to be ESFJ if that makes any sense. I think he’s like 55% ISFJ and 45% ESFJ)

So Cilla would be really good for Jay because she could help with the extroverted-but-not-really thing.

I’m still developing their characters, but this is what I have so far.

(Also, this book will be based off of Cinderella)