Kaylin and Jade

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Jade is a short, ten-year-old girl with long brown hair and equally brown eyes. She is an orphan, adopted by ‘Mother’ or Ms. Trum, an old lady with an old lifestyle. She’s never seen a cell phone, doesn’t know how to read properly, and has no idea how the world works.
Kaylin is a short-haired eleven-year-old girl, daughter of Miss Lansworth, formerly Mrs. Ponder. She lived with her Aunt Miranda until she got into trouble, and the California city girl was sent to New York, then Buckland Ohio, to live with her grandma, Mrs. Lansworth.
No one really knows why Mrs. Ponder, a California official divorced her husband.
No one really knows where Kait, Kaylin’s missing twin sister went.
No one except Mrs. Lansworth, or Grandma.
Well, Miss Lansworth knows too. But she just happens to be in Washington D.C. And she really just wants to find her daughter, Kait.

Kaylin and Jade is a mystery type story.

K and J graphic2

That’s from the first chapter, Jade.

K and J graphic.jpg

This is my favorite one ⇑ ⇑ ⇑

It’s just so funny. “Grandma rolled her eyes.”

Anyway, it’s on wattpad (link at beginning of post and here)

Some spoiler-free facts

  • Jade doesn’t know her last name.
  • Kaylin’s Mum isn’t always there for her.
  • Aunt Miranda doesn’t like children and detests being in charge of Kaylin
  • The kind old man who helps Jade up the stairs (this is not a spoiler) is actually the mayor, but Jade doesn’t know him, and her Mother doesn’t recognize him.
  • Kaylin’s Mum actually works directly with the president, but that’s a secret.
  • Iris is locked in the basement.
  • Kait doesn’t remember her real name or anything about her. She doesn’t have any belongings either, except a bracelet that her father left with her.

Enjoy Kaylin and Jade!