The Lost Princess- update

The Alpha Readers form will be closing soon. I’m going on vacation (spring break for homeschoolers) to Arizona where my grandparents are. We get to fly for the first time! (Us kids, my parents have flown before (of course)).

Anyway, I was planning on closing out the form on the last day of February, but that might not happen while I’m gone… so you have until I get back to sign up! (You can do so HERE)

Tell me what you think of it when you’re done! (On here, Google Docs, or on Goodreads)

The Princess Ambassador form will be open for a month or so still.

BOTH the books can be found on Goodreads HERE if you want to view their descriptions and covers etc. (Note: while I’m making this post, February 22cd, the book cover for The Princess Ambassador is NOT correct, I’m working on getting that changed.)

Have fun reading!

Also, wish me luck on my first flight. (I’m not exactly nervous, but the somewhat apprehensive, as I really don’t like having no solid ground beneath me)