Baking out of a box mix for dummies

So I have a really busy day today, school, lunch, make brownies (I’m blogging while they’re in the oven), get ready for track, go to track, get back at 5:30 and eat supper, shower/change, go to youth group (hence the brownies) SO I decided why not make a blog post featuring one of the many things I have to do today?

So first you have to choose your box mix. I’m using ‘Ghirardelli dark chocolate premium brownie mix’ (two words: on sale)

The first step is to gather your ingredients and whatever else you will need.


Then, measure out your wet ingredients. Put them all in the mixing bowl.


(The instructions say 1/2 cup VEGETABLE oil, but we use canola oil in our house which is practically the same thing)


(Also I’m only using a jug because something malfunctioned with our water and we drank out of jugs yesterday, (but today it’s better) and it makes for a good picture!)


(one egg and a sneak peek at my lovely two-week old nail polish. Yes, it is chipped, No I don’t care because I find nail polish annoying and it was for our vacation that I put it on)


Then dump your powdered mix (inside the box) into the bowl and stir until it is all smooth and one color.


I assume that you already greased the pan and pre-heated the oven, because unlike me most people remember to grease the pan BEFORE they pour the batter in it, as illustrated in the next picture.


Had to wash the pan because I forgot to grease it BEFORE I put the batter in #brainfail


Finished washing and popping them in the oven now!

(also licking the spoons, don’t tell)

Just have to let them cool, and then poof! Delicious brownies, half the mess, and half the struggle.


Bonus pictures!

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    I taught my daughters that if it tastes good from a package, hide the package 😉

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