I don’t know how many of you know this, but I actually draw quite a bit. I almost never share my art, as it’s all in sketchbooks, but I recently discovered that our new printer has a scanner! Very exiting news, because it means I can do things like this. Anyway, enjoy this picture of Squirrelflight, … More Art

Hey bloggers!

I’m hosting a blog tour celebrating the release of my book, The Lost Princess! There will also be a giveaway, which will be posted soon. The tour begins May 5th and ends with a grand finale on May 10th, the release date of the book. Wanna help with the blog tour? Sign up here: There’s … More Hey bloggers!


The Lost Princess is being published in exactly one month- May 10th 2018!!! It will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon as an e-book soon (I’m not publishing as a paperback for a while yet) and I AM SO EXCITED. (Wattpaders, the unedited version is on Wattpad for now, but most of the chapters … More ONE MONTH

Almost 100

I have 92 followers!!! I know I haven’t been giving all of my attention to my blog. Most of it is going to Goodreads currently. But I promise, I haven’t forgotten you! The realization that I have 92 followers has encouraged me just when I needed it. I’ll try to put out more posts and … More Almost 100

Prompt sentances

These are some sentences I wrote. You can use them if you want to. (And you can modify them. I wrote them for school, so they aren’t all great) By the river, on the dock, the pretty little girls danced to nonexistent, endless music. During the recital, Briar’s heart had been in her throat to her … More Prompt sentances

Easter Messes

(A day late, because I didn’t go online on Easter) Days of children waiting Easter rabbits litter the store One child trying not to cry over a nearly-empty basket, Helpless parents forced to watch poverty take its toll Crumpled dresses in the corner In a pink, pink room One little girl barely clothed, Helpless parents … More Easter Messes