Easter Messes

(A day late, because I didn’t go online on Easter)

Days of children waiting
Easter rabbits litter the store

One child trying not to cry over a nearly-empty basket,
Helpless parents forced to watch poverty take its toll

Crumpled dresses in the corner
In a pink, pink room
One little girl barely clothed,
Helpless parents wish for more

Finding extra easter eggs around the house for days,
Some just hidden by excited children,
Some never found,
While one child stares longingly at the store window
Counting the eggs that are only in her wildest dreams

One giant rabbit leaves his little-kid party,
Thinking only of how much he’ll be paid,
How many hours he worked
Tired out and ready to go home,
But stops, mindless of being paid
As one little child lights up when he rounds the corner,
Sad parents telling him they can not give a dime,
But he does not mind,
For the child’s joy is all he sees

Baskets stuffed,
Curled up hair
No basket at all, it’s been a hard year
Hair that hangs limp,
Even on Easter morn

One’s dress in a mess,
The other’s only exists in a daydream

Potato soup the day after, leftover ham and too much potato
Kids complain and wish for yesterday’s chocolate,
They’re on a sugar rush
When one little girl,
Holds an empty stomach
And dreams
For her own little chocolate bunny
Just a chocolate bunny, that’s all she needs
To make her Easter

One little girl,
Mindful of the other little girls
Who are not so fortunate to have a bunny of their own,
Makes a great sacrifice for one so little,
And with a kind “Jesus would wish it so,”
Her bunny was gone, in another’s grateful hands

Her parents watched in awe,
Inspired by their little girl,
They bought more bunnies
And for other little kids,
Easter was suddenly

The cries were now of joy,
The daydream had become reality,
The children who yearned for potatoes,
Now received ham
Little girls given dresses, used and new
But all new to them

And once again, all were reminded
Of Easter’s true meaning
As the one who started it all had so clearly stated
“Jesus would wish it so.”