The Lost Princess is being published in exactly one month- May 10th 2018!!! It will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon as an e-book soon (I’m not publishing as a paperback for a while yet) and I AM SO EXCITED.

(Wattpaders, the unedited version is on Wattpad for now, but most of the chapters will be unpublished before May 10th- so read it now)

If you want to read an e-book copy and leave a review on your blog or Goodreads, just comment or reach out to me with your email address and I’ll shoot you an email with a PDF copy of The Lost Princess!

To help celebrate the big day and share the news, you can tell all your friends and spread the news!

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Cilla Starling has lived in the Kappaka palace as long as she can remember. Prince Ethan Villn and his family are in the prisons of the palace, and Queen Villn rules over her fearful subjects. When Lord Rush confronts Queen Villn- resulting in Cilla, Ethan, and Ethan’s family’s freedom -they decide to fight back. So begins a journey, to and from the White Kingdom, a gathering of allies, and a battle against a distraught Queen.
The four royal siblings who live next door in the White Kingdom are more than ready to help, as Queen Villn has caused quite a stir in their kingdom. In fact, one of them holds a secret to the location of the lost Villn princess, Ethan’s beloved younger sister, and perhaps the only person with any hope of talking to Queen Villn. If, that is, she’s brave enough to leave the safety of the White Kingdom.

The Lost Princess is a twist on the regular fairy tales, including the princesses Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, Melody (Ariel’s daughter), Cinderella, and Belle.



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