Prompt sentances

These are some sentences I wrote. You can use them if you want to. (And you can modify them. I wrote them for school, so they aren’t all great)

  1. By the river, on the dock, the pretty little girls danced to nonexistent, endless music.
  2. During the recital, Briar’s heart had been in her throat to her stomach and back into its proper place.
  3. Cilla was sitting on a cold stone bench, roughly built for two people, in the garden.
  4. Around the corner beside the statue, Cilla was trying not to cry, a habit she’d developed recently.
  5. They stopped reaching for the sun, the faded old roses were dying.
  6. Woodbridge College, run by Professor Matwich, was a small school, but it exuded a sense of quiet prosperity, and the Professor carefully guarded it’s secrets.
  7. The girl was tearing at the screen, slicing it with a dagger to rip it and venting her anger.
  8. Turning to face the woman, I didn’t look at the man, conscious that he could take me hostage in a moment.
  9. Furious and steaming, I was turning slowly to face the boy.
  10. The girl was turning over in her bed, watching the boy pace back and forth, listening to his quiet mutterings.
  11. They took the girl, ignoring the boy’s shouts of anger, raking their claws over the guard dog, and chaining her like a dog herself.
  12. Hours of wintertime had found me in the treehouse, holed-up, hiding, tired, shivering, and bored
  13. I had to write without pause and research without distraction.
  14. Before playing the piano, Briar set it up beside the microphone.
  15. She remembered smelling the sweet scent floating up through the room in a split second, filling her nostrils.
  16. Cassie tried to tell how she’d looked everywhere and to explain how she’d lost it again.
  17. To decorate and to put the plan into action, the girls enlisted the help of the boys.
  18. To forget songs is the end of music.
  19. A villain is an important element, to be developed and named, never glossed over, because he or she makes or breaks the story.
  20. We need to stop spewing nonsense, to build our words on proper structures, and to create a story that will change a life.
  21. He played and ran and always dressed like a businessman in the barn.
  22. During the boring, long dinner, she felt like nodding off, resting her head on the table.
  23. She told a tale for weeks about her once sprightly sister, who had been pretty, young, and active.
  24. One girl, whose hair was so long she seemed more hair than girl, began to walk up the hill and paused to look down.

So.. 24 sentences that I wrote for school over this year. Have fun with them… I guess? Feel free to edit and do whatever to them. (there actually are more, but I can’t find them. I think I misplaced them.)