Blog Tour Day 2


Day two already! I somehow can’t quite believe that I’m doing this. At any rate, today we have Abigail and Gracelyn joining us! (heads up- Gracelyn plans on doing a post every day, so get used to her!)

Abigail Harder posted an Author Interview on her blog, Harder Family Adventures

Gracelyn Buckner posted a Book Spotlight on her blog, Literatura

Blog Tour Schedule:

May 5th
Author Interview- Liv K. Fisher @ Liv K. Fisher
Book Review- Rosalyn Rooney (on Goodreads)
Author Spotlight- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 6th
Author Interview- Abigail Harder @ Harder Family Adventures
Book Spotlight- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 7th
Author Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 8th
Character Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 9th
Book Review- Lynnette @ Finding Life Through Pain
Character Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 10th
Book Review- Gracelyn @ Literatura
Book Review- Troy Hooker @ The Watcher Key

I had a busy, long day today so my post is going to be short (again) but I hope I can make it up to you by doing an actual post tomorrow and tonight I will share some special little experts from The Lost Princess! (chapters 1, 2, and 3)

Cilla’s eyes flashed. She slammed the basket of rolls down on the table and stepped up on the empty chair at the end of the table. The rolls flew everywhere. From there she leaped up onto the end of the table.

“Cilla! Get down from the table!” The Queen rose from her seat.

Lord Rush sat down with a thud of surprise.

The guests and servants gazed back and forth between the Queen and Cilla.


“Ivory?” Jacob stood, ever so slowly, and Dove saw a white cloak flutter in the breeze.

She gasped. Many years ago, when Dove was six years old, Queen Villn came to the White Kingdom for a visit after her husband died. Dove didn’t remember any of it, but she had heard the story many times. While the Queen was visiting her daughter Princess Ivory ran away during the night and was never found. Most people thought her dead, although the Queen refused to give up hope.

“It’s safe. You can come out. It’s just me, I promise.” Jacob leaned towards the woods, and the white cloak came forward a few steps. “I’ve been wanting to see you for days, but Father kept me busy and I couldn’t escape unnoticed.” He said.


Cilla frowned. “Can we leave the cat?” She attempted to strap the cat in a basket, but Juniper hissed and scratched.

“We can’t just leave her!” Celeste gave Juniper a bit of fish and Juniper calmed down enough for Cilla to lower her to Astrid and Mercy.

“Fine, but if she scratches me again….” Cilla lowered the cat, and then glanced out at the sea. Madam was approaching the island, but there was another boat, this one red, also approaching. The red one held two men, both rowing, and reached the island in a matter of seconds.

And I can’t forget about the giveaway!


AND an addition to the giveaway is a PAPERBACK copy of The Lost Princess. Up until now, I thought I was not able to do a paperback, but it turns out I can.

Hope you enjoy the blog tour! The final day, May 10th, The Lost Princess will be available on Amazon.