Blog Tour Day 3

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Day three! The blog tour is starting off wonderfully! Today we just have Gracelyn posting.

Gracelyn Buckner posted an Author Interview on her blog, Literatura

Blog Tour Schedule:

May 5th
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Book Review– Rosalyn Rooney (on Goodreads)
Author Spotlight– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 6th
Author Interview– Abigail Harder @ Harder Family Adventures
Book Spotlight– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 7th
Author Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 8th
Character Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 9th
Book Review- Lynnette @ Finding Life Through Pain
Character Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 10th
Book Review- Gracelyn @ Literatura
Book Review- Troy Hooker @ The Watcher Key

So today I’ll share a little bit about how The Lost Princess came about and my writing journey.

It all started a few days into the fall of 2017. I was in my creative writing class in downtown Asheville, NC. My teacher (big thanks to her!) put up a couple pictures on the TV and told us to choose one and write about it for a while.

I chose one:

But never quite thought I’d like the story so much. I decided to write a Rapunzel-ish story since I’d always wanted to write a fairy-tale-twist. I started with a character named Celeste, (why I don’t remember) and gave her long hair, and an evil mother. I was going to make it all about Celeste, but then her rescuers came along, and I liked them more than her, so I wrote about them. After I was a few chapters in, I knew what I was doing and semi plotted out the whole story. (Although the ending was a surprise to even me)

So that’s how my story started! Tomorrow you’ll get a surprise post because I don’t know what I’m going to write yet.

And of course, the giveaway!


AND a last minute addition to the giveaway is a PAPERBACK copy of The Lost Princess. Up until now, I thought I was not able to do a paperback, but it turns out I can.

Hope you enjoy the blog tour! The final day, May 10th, The Lost Princess will be available on Amazon.