Blog Tour Day 4

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Day four already- only two days left! Today we have Gracelyn again, this time with a Character Interview!

Gracelyn Buckner posting a Character Interview on her blog, Literatura

Blog Tour Schedule:

May 5th
Author Interview– Liv K. Fisher @ Liv K. Fisher
Book Review– Rosalyn Rooney (on Goodreads)
Author Spotlight– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 6th
Author Interview– Abigail Harder @ Harder Family Adventures
Book Spotlight– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 7th
Author Interview– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 8th
Character Interview– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 9th
Book Review- Lynnette @ Finding Life Through Pain
Character Interview- Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 10th
Book Review- Gracelyn @ Literatura
Book Review- Troy Hooker @ The Watcher Key

Today I’m going to tell you about The Lost Princess’s inspiration!

I took inspiration from a lot of places, books, pictures, websites, real-life events, etc. I have always loved fairy tale books with a twist (namely The Lunar Chronicles and Ella Enchanted), so that’s what got me started right away. The Lunar Chronicles had a big influence on my ideas and character choices.

Gracelyn (although she wasn’t directly an inspiration) always helped me when I was stuck on something and gave me some pretty good ideas.

My other inspiration was Pinterest (I spent way too much time on there (‘: oops, haha!) But it really DID help me.

Goodreads, my blog, and Wattpad were more examples of things that helped give me ideas, and the Year long Nano group on Goodreads was great for my second book, I just wish I had it for The Lost Princess!

And of course, the giveaway! (the most important part- right?)


A last-minute addition to the giveaway is a paperback copy of The Lost Princess. (It isn’t mentioned in the graphics, because it was so late) Up until now, I thought I was not able to do a paperback, but it turns out I can.

Hope you enjoy the blog tour! The final day, May 10th, The Lost Princess will be available on Amazon.