Blog Tour Day 5


The blog tour is almost done! Only one day left! Tomorrow we’ll have a wrap-up post, plus a link to the Amazon page where you can buy The Lost Princess– paperback and e-book versions! I’m super excited, but also nervous. Today Gracelyn and Lynnette joined us.

Gracelyn Buckner posting a Character Interview on her blog, Literatura

Lynnette posting a Book Review on her blog, Finding Life Through Pain

Blog Tour Schedule:

May 5th
Author Interview– Liv K. Fisher @ Liv K. Fisher
Book Review– Rosalyn Rooney (on Goodreads)
Author Spotlight– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 6th
Author Interview– Abigail Harder @ Harder Family Adventures
Book Spotlight– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 7th
Author Interview– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 8th
Character Interview– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 9th
Book Review– Lynnette @ Finding Life Through Pain
Character Interview– Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

May 10th
Book Review- Gracelyn @ Literatura
Book Review- Troy Hooker @ The Watcher Key

Let’s talk about the characters featured in The Lost Princess. There’s a lot of them, but we’ll just cover the main characters today.

Princess Ivory Villn: Ivory may be titled a princess, but she certainly doesn’t live the life of one. She lives in the White Kingdom as a peasant, hiding from her mother.

Prince Ethan Villn: Locked in the dungeon by his own mother, Prince Ethan hopes to get out, find his sister and fix everything his mother has done.

Cilla Starling: Nineteen years old and full of spunk, Cilla works as a servant for Queen Villn, although unwilling.

Mason Wren: Cilla’s childhood friend and the Queen’s Captain of the Guard, Mason seems like a loyal guard, but is he really?

Celeste Nightingale: All Celeste has ever known is the tower she’s been locked in her whole life, and her cat. She lives peacefully under ‘Madam’ and shows no inclination to leave, at least, at first.

Queen Villn: The misunderstood Queen of Kappaka wasn’t entirely at fault with her choices, but will she ever tell anyone who is?

And that’s everyone! (well, not everyone. I didn’t even get into the White siblings.) If you want to know more about anyone, just contact me or comment on this post.

And I can’t forget about the giveaway!

A last-minute addition to the giveaway is a paperback copy of The Lost Princess. (It isn’t mentioned in the graphics, because it was so late) Up until now, I thought I was not able to do a paperback, but it turns out I can.

Hope you enjoy the blog tour! The final day, (tomorrow!) May 10th, The Lost Princess will be available on Amazon.