The Coronation

The Coronation by Livy Jarmusch

This book was amazing and wonderful and I couldn’t stop reading!

Okay so a few days ago Livy Jarmusch contacted me via my blog asking if I would be willing to read The Coronation in exchange for a review. I have been wanting to read this book for WEEKS, so of course I said yes! She sent it to me Saturday, and I read it that day. ALL 400ish pages of it.

Anyways… Now that I’m done being excited…


Addison was wonderful, although a bit stereotype at times.

Bridget… I love her. I can’t say too much ’cause it’s all spoilers but yeah I love her

(Hope might be older… I’m not sure) Chastity… I love her story! Can’t say too much, but the ending and the last chapter… it was all just fangirling

Hope… I’m kinda mad at David… I mean yes she you-know-what but the he just was like… I mean… Okay? I realllly respect her (Hope), and thank the author. Because of her end and all that. I feel like a lot of girls age need that message.

Everyone else: Millie and Will are so cute, Jillian is just sorta there, and Ash-something (don’t remember his name) is…. Complicated

Vanessa…. Let’s just say the next book is gonna be GREAT. (;


Very nice! Carried through wonderfully, not a dull moment. It felt a bit slow at first, but not for long.


SO AMAZING. So… the setting was super realistic! I feel like I could walk into their castle and just see Addison sitting at the bar in the kitchen talking about you-know-who with Bridget! Livy did a great job of adding little discreet mentions of layout/style ect.


a few deaths, an almost-kiss, people end up being shot

All in all- an amazing book that you should totally check out!