SIFI Story

Hello again everyone!

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that I’ve been hinting at another story… a SIFI story. Here’s my current description: (just a draft)

Princess Adeline Davenport (from Earth, United North America) travels to Mars (England) with her parents in the year 2999, at the turn of the century. She is meeting Prince Eric Atwood, who is a ‘potential suitor and marriage partner’ (her father’s words) a marriage would suit both kingdoms, and upon meeting Eric she decides that he is ‘nice enough’ and could stand a life with him until she meets the royal adviser George Dandridge. George is everything she’s ever dreamed of, and more. Prince Eric… So Princess Adeline must decide between her heart and her country all while trying to follow her God.

And a snippet:

“Are you packed yet?” Elisabeth asked.

Adeline looked up from her vidscreen. “No,” she said, making room on the couch beside her. “Why?”

Elisabeth jumped onto the couch and leaned over the vidscreen. “Because you’re leaving tomorrow.”

Adeline tilted the screen away and turned it off. “I know,” she said. “I thought MK could pack for me.”

“That silly droid?” Elisabeth shook her head. “She’ll never pick out matching colors. Let me help.” She hurried to drag a case out from the closet.

Adeline frowned and closed her eyes. “I don’t want to pack,” she muttered.

“Aaaadeeeeliiiiineeee!” Lynn sang, sweeping into the room and sidestepping Elisabeth. “I know you aren’t happy about going to Mars. Now tell me why.”

“I don’t want to marry Prince Eric. I’ve spent the last half-hour researching him, and he’s so…” she hissed under her breath. “Non-standout. Nondescript. Boring.

Elisabeth abandoned the case and hurried over. “Really? But he’s handsome.”

Adeline shrugged.

Now the real reason why I’m sharing all this! I need title ideas. So far I have

  • For Love or For Country
  • The Turn of the Century
  • Lost Love
  • Losing Love
  • A Princess’s Country

So you get the idea. But none of these really fit. Any ideas, readers? I’d love some help! So please comment or contact me with your ideas and inspiration.