So today I’m going to post a few snippets from my current writing project. (remember it’s a secret? Changes/Updates) BUT because you follow my blog you’re special so you get some snippets! (no actually it’s just ’cause I couldn’t come up with a blog post.. (haha kidding (no I’m not))) Also I took out some of … More Snippets!

The Godfather, by Allison Tebo

Hey everyone! So there’s this great giveaway going around, and you can sign up here: Enjoy! P.S. my internet isn’t working great so right now I can’t do images with my posts, but it should be better soon


So I made some MAJOR design changes to the blog (obviously) and I’m just checking in with my lovely readers to be sure you approve! Comment if you have suggestions etc. Also, I have 122 followers!! Thank you all SO MUCH! I never thought I’d have that many! Remember my goal of 50? I’ve made … More Changes/Updates