So today I’m going to post a few snippets from my current writing project. (remember it’s a secret? Changes/Updates)

BUT because you follow my blog you’re special so you get some snippets! (no actually it’s just ’cause I couldn’t come up with a blog post.. (haha kidding (no I’m not)))

Also I took out some of the names because… #spoilers

Snippet #1

— shrugged and handed ***** her plate. “How should I know? That’s the housekeeper’s department, or Mother’s.”

“Mine soon,” ***** said. She picked up a blueberry with her fork.

“I’ll have to write +++++++++ and ===== to inform them of the events. I suppose I’ll have to write Queen Louisa too.”

“Stop worrying about it. That won’t help.”

He took a bite of egg and chewed thoughtfully. “I suppose not,”

Snippet #2

Oh,” #### said. “Oh —!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. I’ve already talked to ***** about it.” — stopped walking, turning to his sister. “You should know, Father isn’t going to live for more than five years, #####.” he said, using ####’s old nickname.

No,” #### said. “No!”

“I’m sorry,” — said. “Don’t tell anyone yet. I’ll tell !!!!! and //// after I tell the council.”

Snippet #3

“You want the coranation in two months?” the queen asked.

“Yes,” ***** said, — nodding.

“I’m sure the staff can do that,” Queen Amanda said. “I assume it will be held in the chapel?”

“Of course,” — said. “Father’s was there.”

“And you want purple and red?”

“Is there an option?” ***** asked.

“Not really. You’ll need a seamstress to make a gown, and you- — – will need a new suit. Send a note to your tailor.”

“Let them figure it out, Amanda dear,”

All eyes turned to the king.

Enjoy! Have fun reading! (also if you really want to puzzle out who I’m writing about, I used the same amount of letters as their real name. Ex: Loretta would be ^^^^^^^, both ‘Loretta’ and ‘^^^^^^^’ have 7 letters)