So yesterday I came down with a fever and I’ve been sorta out of commission. I don’t have the strength to do a regular blog post today, so I’m just posting this notice. I’ll be back to my normal self by next week- hopefully- so I’ll start posting again then!

New Cover!

Hello everyone! I have very exciting news! So most of you know that I made the cover for the Fairy Tale Chronicles ages ago when I was just figuring out graphic design. Obviously, I’ve gotten a LOT better! So I decided to re-make the covers for FTC! Today I will introduce all three, and the first one…

WWW Prompt #3

From now on these are going to be called “Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts” abbreviated to “WWW Prompts” for ease of naming!

Ten spoiler- free facts about A Princess at Heart

Hi everyone! So I’m pre-scheduling this post. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, there’s a blog tour going on for my book A Princess at Heart. Gracelyn is running it, and you can check on it over at her blog, Literatura The facts I actually began APH five months ago, while I was still writing The…

Blog tour + Cool Things

  Currently, there’s a blog tour running for my latest book, which releases August 9th, and you can find out more here A Princess At Heart- blog tour and at Literatura So today I’m actually gone, volunteering at Fort Wilderness, so I’m going to do a quick pre-scheduled post by sharing some of my Pinterest boards! Note:…

Writing Prompt #2

I’m back with the second writing prompt! This is one that I’m very interested in the outcome.