Ten spoiler- free facts about A Princess at Heart

Hi everyone! So I’m pre-scheduling this post. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, there’s a blog tour going on for my book A Princess at Heart. Gracelyn is running it, and you can check on it over at her blog, Literatura

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The facts

  • I actually began APH five months ago, while I was still writing The Lost Princess. I eventually decided to postpone it until after The Princess Ambassador.
  • I like APH way more than my other books. (shhh, don’t tell!) Part of that is because I like Cilla better, but again, don’t tell! (we wouldn’t want Ivory and Lily getting jealous!)
  • I cried while I was writing this??? I don’t really cry that often, and not about my own writing, but yes I cried. (it wasn’t even that sad???)
  • I made the book cover and blurb wayyyyy before I even started writing. Oops.
  • This is the first novella I’ve ever actually outlined. Because I sorta had no idea where I was going.
  • I had a couple people tell me they shipped Cilla with someone else (#nospoilers) but I already had plans for this novella so I was always brushing them off. #nopeI’vegotnoideawhatyou’resaying
  • Editing went a lot better with this one, and I actually remembered to get alpha/beta readers in time!!! Yay! So I feel like it’s a lot better than the other two overall.
  • When I initially began this it was all fluff… look what it turned into…
  • There were so many little moments that connect the book to Cinderella that make me want to squeal! I included so many little things that you wouldn’t necessarily notice unless you were paying attention.
  • Believe it or not, I REALLY struggled while writing the middle of this and had to re-write a lot of it. Usually, I don’t struggle that much, but I was sorta stuck for a while.


Here’s the schedule:

Friday, August 3rd

Gracelyn Buckner (Literatura)- Spotlight

Saturday, August 4th

Abigail Harder (Books, Life, and Christ)- Spotlight

Sunday, August 5th

Loretta Marchize (Just Writing)-  Ten Spoiler-Free Facts

Rosalyn Rooney (Goodreads)- Social Spotlight

Monday, August 6th

Kellyn Roth (Reveries)- Review: The Lost Princess

Rosalyn Rooney (Goodreads)- Social Spotlight

Tuesday, August 7th

Chloe (Purely By Faith Reviews)- Review: The Lost Princess

Wednesday, August 8th

Allyson Kennedy (Authoring Arrowheads)- Review: The Lost Princess

Thursday, August 9th

Gracelyn Buckner (Literatura)- Review: A Princess at Heart

You can find the Kindle version of A Princess at Heart here: e-book

The paperback version will be available on August 9th. I will add the link to my website after I get back from working at Fort Wilderness!


  1. Congrats! This looks like a great book! 😀

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      1. Liz - Home with the Hummingbirds says:

        Your welcome… by the way, I just started reading The Lost Princess! 😉

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        1. Cool! Do you like what you’ve read so far?


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