New Cover!

Hello everyone! I have very exciting news! So most of you know that I made the cover for the Fairy Tale Chronicles ages ago when I was just figuring out graphic design. Obviously, I’ve gotten a LOT better! So I decided to re-make the covers for FTC! Today I will introduce all three, and the first one will go up on Goodreads and Amazon as soon as my proof copy gets here. The others will go up later. (currently undecided)

E-book/front cover

TLP- kindle.png

And the full cover is AMAZING

TLP- redo.png

Isn’t this exciting???

Onto the next book, The Princess Ambassador.

The full cover:

TPA- redo2

And the e-book/front cover!

TPA- Kindle

Last but not least, possibly my favorite book of all, A Princess at Heart.

APH- kindle

Aaaannddd (drumroll, please)

The full cover! (I LOVE the rose picture)

TZPH- redo.png

That’s all for today! Comment with any questions and feedback on the covers!



  1. These look awesome, Loretta! I think my favorite is the second one!! 😀

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      1. Liz - Home with the Hummingbirds says:

        Your welcome! 🙂

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  2. Rosalyn R. says:

    Loretta!!!! These are so beautiful! I LOVE the third one the best! So pretty! :))

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    1. Thank you Rosalyn! I know, I think that’s my favorite too!

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