Goldfish Secrets

Sorry for not posting very much, guys! I started public school last week on Tuesday and before that had pneumonia so I’ve been sorta out of commission. I promise I’ll try my best to post more often, but it’s doubtful I’ll get very much posting in.

Four stars
Prose: 4/5
Romance: none
Characters: 5/5
Plot: 5/5

Fairly good. It’s a short story, so I didn’t feel as if I got a long time to get adjusted to Kellyn’s particular style for this story, but I do like how it depicts Judy. It feels like a child’s voice.
I LOVE the characters! There is such a good portrayal of Judy and her mother.
Another thing I loved! I especially like how the plot itself reveals some spoilerishy things about Judy and her mother!
A great little story! Very cute and really gives some background to The Lady of the Vineyard.
The worst thing in there was mentions of a divorced couple and the same woman having a different boyfriend(s) So not really anything.

There’s also a great giveaway and other things going on at Kellyn’s website!

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