Once Upon a Summer

Once upon a summer I flew
Made great leaps and bounds
Once upon a summer I led
Ran ahead
Once upon a summer I dreamed
I’d face the lions and not mind a bit
Once upon a summer I could run and run
Not lose a breath
Then run some more

Once upon a summer
Once upon a summer

Now I fall
Couldn’t get up and stand
Now I drop
No more charging straight ahead
Now I doubt
Could I really start anew
Now is when I fail and learn
Lose my breath
Then start again

Once upon a summer I dreamed it would be easy
Never thought I’d fall so far

Now doubt is placed
And I’ve tried to beat it back

I thought I’d do something new
Be so easy fly right through

Now I’ve struggled to breathe
I wonder how far I’ll go
Before I fall again

But the symbol on my neck reminds me that I’ll never fall too far
Never lose myself
Never lose all strength
And never face a problem too big

Summer draws to an end
The lion rears her head

My breath is lost,
But I will gain it back

The lion will not go undefeated
The mountain unclimbed

I will scale to the top
Catch my breath
Stand up

Start again


What I meant by “But the symbol on my neck reminds me:” I wear a little necklace with a cross on it 24/7 now. (yes Gracelyn, that’s new) I started doing it when I started public school. It’s really small, the size of my pinkie nail (and I don’t have very big fingers)