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This post is wayyyyy late, but whatever. It’s my first day of school post. I’ve had it written for ages, but didn’t have time to post until today.

A little more than a month ago, on Tuesday, I had my first day of school. I was totally and completely new to every aspect of school, as I explained to my study hall teacher.

It was late in the day, and we were running through our school schedules with fifteen minutes in each class. Mr. S* was my study hall teacher, all the way down by the fab lab. After everyone made it to class, he asked us what was new today. A few kids answered, and then I spoke up.


He looked at me doubtfully.

“I used to be homeschooled, everything is new!”

He smiled. Over time I would learn that he smiled a lot, and when he didn’t you knew you had truly done something wrong. But when he did, you knew all was right and you couldn’t help but smile back.

The very first thing that had happened on my very first day of school was that the bus missed me.

Missed you? Are you sure YOU didn’t miss it?

Yup! Positive. At exactly 7:13 in the morning, bus #45 drove right past my driveway. After a few stunned moments, I ran back to the house and my mom called the bus company. It turns out, the driver didn’t have me on his list, so Dad had to drive me in. What a way to start school!

(and no, the bus didn’t miss me on Wednesday!)

After I finally arrived at the school, all the students were sent to the gym, where I found my friend Lily*. Lily was also previously homeschooled, and although I didn’t know her that well, homeschoolers stick together!

The Freshmen were told where to sit, and we sat as a group, although a few of us had to sit on the bleacher steps because we ran out of seats. After the principal, Mr. D, quieted the crowd down, my first public school pep rally began.

Each of the four student groups, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors cheered on their own and were led by their student council. The Freshmen (us) were very quiet at first, so Mr. D and the teachers gave us a second chance and helped lead the rally.

After the pep rally, we went to our homerooms and got our locker keys, plus were talked at a bit by our teachers. Then we went to a lot of different classrooms and talked about a lot of different things that were pretty pointless, in all honesty. I understand why they do it, but things like appropriate classroom behavior, phone policies, and appropriate passing time behavior are pretty much review. (basic stuff that even I know- a homeschooler!)

Did you do ANYTHING productive?

Well… not really. After lunch, we did do a run-through of our schedules, going to each class for fifteen minutes. My school has five minutes between each class, which as a homeschooler seemed like such a short time… but you can do so much in five minutes!

Halfway through the day, my cross-country team left for a meet, but I didn’t go with them… that’s a story for another day!

*all teachers are one or two initials for their privacy

**all student’s names are changed

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