NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month)

I’m sure at least sixty percent- if not more- of you know what NANOWRIMO is. If not, let me explain. NANO is a writing event in November. The goal is to write a whole novel (50,000 words) by the end of NANO.

I’ve never actually done NANO before, in the past, I’ve either been moving states or working on editing or just starting a writing class. I’ve also found a lot of excuses for not attempting this great feat. Excpecially because technically speaking I’ve never written a 50,000-word novel. Yet.

This year I’m hoping to work on a (yet another) new project of mine. For now, I’m abandoning all others in favor of…

(dun dun dun..)

A Baby Girl Named Elizabeth, The Hillsbury Tales #1 (ABE for short)

More info on ABE and my NANO dashboard can be found here:

The blurb:

“It was a typical Monday Morning…”

Adalyn Webber is back in her childhood town- Hillsbury. She’s confident of a few things:

Elizabeth Phelps was just in a Car accident

Widowed Anthony Phelps wants her to care for his infant

She’s totally going to do it

When Adalyn Webber moved back to small-town Hillsbury to help care for her Great-Uncle Thomas Baker’s house, she never expected to witness a car accident, which quickly led to a trip to the hospital, and a funeral. Infant Elizabeth’s father, now a widower, hires Adalyn to care for the baby while he, Andrew Phelp, and the infant’s grandmother, Mrs. Milton, work.

As Adalyn cares for Elizabeth, over time she discovers that she cares for much more than just the child, but will Mrs. Milton be willing to let romance blossom? And when Adalyn’s new friend, Officer Philip, reveals that he’s been searching for a wife, conflict grows in her heart.

*temporary title, and blurb*

I’m including an expert too:

It was a typical Monday morning, and at eight o’clock the coffee shop was not so busy. It was quiet in town, compared to the festivities of the week before, and although my coffee was slightly over-sugared, I smiled. I was home. All was right in the world, at least until smoke drifted across the seat to the News and Luck Coffee Shop, where I sat with my papers and coffee. It wound its way in a curling manner through the windows, filling the room with the harsh, bitter scent of burning metal.


I put down my mug, the illusion of a perfect morning ruined and looked out the window. The scene played out in slow-motion before me. A scream ripped the air as two vehicles collided. Glass shattered and flew through the air like tiny daggers, catching rays of sunlight and throwing hauntingly beautiful and awful rainbows about the street. A third car screeched to a stop, nearly colliding with the other cars before silence fell. The birds stopped chirping, and fluttered away, the silence blanketing the street.

Again, my posing is going to be very sporadic (as it has been) and I’m sorry but my blog is not my top priority right now. So… it sort of falls into the “I’ll do it tomorrow” category. Again, I’m sorry but I can’t do anything about it.

ANYWAYS, hopefully, I’ll post again soon (about what I don’t know) and enjoy your Monday!

*not really. I’m kidding* (sort of)