So this year I’m participating in NANO! I’ve never done it before, or technically speaking written 50,000 words on one project, so I guess its sort of a ‘here goes nothing’ project.

Anyways, I’m writing a new story that I don’t think I’ve talked about before. At least, not on here. It’s called A Baby Girl Named Elizabeth and is the first book in The Hillsbury Tales. The title, cover, and blurb are all subject to change right now because I (obviously) haven’t written the book yet.

The Hillsbury Tales.png


“It was a typical Monday Morning…”

Adalyn Webber is back in her childhood town- Hillsbury. She’s confident of a few things:

Elizabeth Phelps was just in a Car accident

Widowed Andrew Phelps wants her to care for his infant

She’s totally going to do it

When Adalyn Webber moved back to small-town Hillsbury to help care for her Great-Uncle Thomas Baker’s house, she never expected to witness a car accident, which quickly led to a trip to the hospital, and a funeral. Infant Elizabeth’s father, now a widower, hires Adalyn to care for the baby while he, Andrew Phelp, and the infant’s grandmother, Mrs. Milton, work.

As Adalyn cares for Elizabeth, over time she discovers that she cares for much more than just the child, but will Mrs. Milton be willing to let romance blossom? And when Adalyn’s new friend, Officer Everett, reveals that he’s been searching for a wife, conflict grows in her heart.

I’m planning on posting some snippets and such, but I’m not sure if that will happen. For now I’ll just introduce some of the characters.

Adalyn Webber

Adalyn is 25 years old. She lived in Hillsbury until she was 20, then moved away to a bigger city for five years of her life. She just came back to live with her great-uncle Thomas Baker, who owns the coffee shop News and Luck Coffee Shop but lives out of town. (his wife of thirty years died two years ago with no children or young relatives except Adalyn) As a child, Adalyn knew of Anthony Phelps but didn’t think much of him because he moved away when she was six. Adalyn is a serious person, about 5’6” with brown-blond hair and bright eyes. She tends to be categorized as ‘odd’ and her hobbies consist of writing, baking, and child care. She wanted to become a teacher, but due to being orphaned at 17 didn’t have the means for college. Her senior year she lived with her great uncle and aunt.

Anthony Phelps

Twenty-six-year-old Anthony had only been married and living in Hillsbury for four years when his wife of five years died in a tragic car accident, leaving him with three-month-old infant Elizabeth Phelps. Although he lived in Hillsbury until he was seven, he moved away and although his parents still live a state away, to please his mother-in-law, he and Elizabeth moved to Hillsbury after their marriage. At 6’1” Anthony stands just above average, has dark hair and soft brown eyes. He’s kind and sensitive, but stubborn. He works at the local factory in an office job as the Human Resources Manager.

Elizabeth Phelps

Three-month-old Elizabeth’s mother died in a tragic car accident. Now left with only a busy father (Anthony Phelps)and mother-in-law (Mrs. Milton) in Hillsbury, neither of which have time out of their jobs to care for an infant, Elizabeth’s care falls on Adalyn Webber, a single young woman with a heart for children.  Elizabeth has the dark hair of her father, but the blue eyes of her mother. She is, for the most part, a happy child.

Mrs. Milton

Despite coming off as strict and uncaring, sixty-seven year old Allie Milton loves her daughter’s family. After her husband of forty year’s crushing death, and then her daughter’s death seven years later, Mrs. Milton does not want to lose any more family members, to death or remarriage. Mrs. Milton is fairly short, at  5’4”, but wears heels and appears taller. With her graying hair and fading brown eyes, she certainly appears to be the ever-loving grandmother to outside eyes. Mrs. Milton is a bit of a clean-freak (but doesn’t enjoy cleaning) and works at the law firm as a secretary.

Thomas Baker

Forty-five-year-old Thomas was only twenty when his brother’s only granddaughter was born but never dreamed that one day she would be his only remaining relative, besides her popular and uncaring older brother. Now, a year after his beloved wife’s death, Thomas continues to run News and Luck Coffee Shop on main street and lives with Adalyn. She cares for his house and food, and in exchange gets to test his new coffee recipes and live at his house. After a tragic car accident in front of his coffee shop tears Elizabeth Phelps away from a loving mother, husband of five years, and three-month-old daughter, Thomas is more than willing to let Adalyn care for the infant Eliza, whose father and grandmother both work.

ABE mood.png

There’s also Officer Everett Johnson, mother-of-four-children Sophia North, nurse Mary-Margaret Flory, and lawyer Ryan Blake, but they don’t really come in until later and are only side characters in the first book.

So! That’s my 2018 nano project!


  1. Kellyn Roth says:

    That sounds amazing! I love the aesthetics you did! 😀

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  2. floatinggold says:

    A great start. Good luck.The story sounds compelling.
    I never thought I could write 50k, either, but then I looked at my blog stats, and noticed that I have totally exceeded that number by now. So all I have to do is just write a single “post” encompassing all these other small posts. It makes it more manageable, if you look at it like that.

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