Recent Designs/Nano Update

Hey! So I’ve been designing a lot recently, along with my Nano project. A lot of my designs are available for purchase here There are both e-book/front covers and full-sized covers.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve been designing in the last month:

City Walls
Walls- $15
Ashes- $15
$5 for a 3D cover
A cup of tea
Cup of Tea- $10
a certain sort of princess
A Certain Sort of Princess- $15

All of these covers are available for purchase, as are 3D versions of them for only $5. I can also do a 3D version with no background, as a transparent PNG, or made a 3D version from an existing PNG cover file. (no JPEGS, though)

Nanowrimo updates:

As for Nano, I’ve been trucking along. Just so-so. Yesterday I was 300 words over my goal, today I haven’t written yet. (I’m planning to after this blog post) I’m over halfway through, and I’ve certainly had days where I missed my goal (by a lot) or overshot my goal. (again, by a lot) I don’t seem to be good and consistency, but then again, I never have been. Here are a few snippets from my writing.

title: A Baby Girl Named Elizabeth 

genre: question mark, mainstream, TBD

cover: can be viewed here along with my mood board

blurb: can be viewed at the link above, along with some character bios

Snippet 1:

Suddenly, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Something in me snapped. “Stop it!” I cried, turning on him. “Stop asking questions and answering them yourself. Did you really want to know anyways?”

He stared, Thomas gaped, I slammed the car door.

Snippet 2:

It was a typical Monday morning, and at eight o’clock the coffee shop was not so busy. It was quiet in town, compared to the festivities of the week before, and although my coffee was slightly over-sugared, I smiled. I was home. All was right in the world, at least until smoke drifted across the seat to the News and Luck Coffee Shop, where I sat with my papers and coffee. It wound its way in a curling manner through the windows, filling the room with the harsh, bitter scent of burning metal.

Snippet 3:

“Ma’am, you have to stay behind the tape,” a policeman said quietly, but firmly. “As soon as the ambulance arrives we will inform you-”

“You don’t understand- that’s my daughter!

Snippet 4:

“Mr. Phelps is waiting for you in the room beside Mrs. Phelps,” she stated calmly. “We will see the doctor first.” she stopped beside a room and opened the door. “The doctor is waiting in here.” she said, and ushered us in.

“Mrs. Milton, Miss Webber,” he said, looking at Mrs. Milton gravely. “You’d better sit down.”

Snippet 5:

I hesitated for a moment, floundering for an answer. Heard what? Then it hit me. “Oh, oh yes. I’m terribly sorry.”

“Oh that’s alright-” he stopped. “Well, it isn’t, not really, but you know what I’m getting at.”

Snippet 6:

I turned to the child curiously, and put my hand on the window.

She was wrapped in a hospital blanket, a wisp of dark hair peeking out. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be content.

I hope you enjoyed the snippets! The last five are from chapters 1 + 2, but the first is from a later chapter.

Bye for now!