Recent Designs

Recently I’ve been working on other big projects, so, unfortunately, my blog has fallen to the wayside. I’m currently writing Evie’s Empire, a new story of mine. It’s fantasy and loosely based off of Atlantis. I’ve been posting the chapters on Wattpad here


On the eve of Evie Cort’s sixteenth birthday, she discovers that most of her life is a lie. She thought her grandfather was normal. That she and her brother were normal. That the big, two-story house she’d lived in all her life had no secrets. That her best friend was just like her. She was wrong. Her grandfather abruptly changes and brings them all to a whole new world of intrigue, quests, and deceiving fathers. It turns out her house is hiding something, her grandfather’s whole life is a secret, and her best friend is trained in weaponry. Her life was a lie, and now it’s up to her to decide between an old world or a new world.

I’ve also been reading a lot and updating on my Goodreads. My third project lately has been design. Mainly improving my own design skills.
A few of my best:

I have a lot more found here, Designs in the Willows and all of these are available for purchase on the same website.

That being said, none of those are completely legitimate reasons to abandon you, readers. If you wish to be kept entirely up to date on my writing, follow me on Wattpad. For my design works, check Designs in the Willows. For my favorite books and general publishing updates with other works, follow me on Goodreads.

I’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible, and hopefully, I will post a better article about something else soon.

Thanks for reading and please comment/like/share, whatever floats your boat, and I’d love to hear from you in person! You can contact me through my contact page.