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Hey all! So I was on vacation (spring break) down in SC this week and I had a lot of time to think some things over. First of all, I’ve never been good at keeping a consistent blogging schedule. I’ll freely admit that, and I want to remedy it. To become a better blogger and author, I need some SORT of schedule.

Usually every couple of months I think about needing a schedule and I create one, keep it for a week or two, then fall out of it again. I’ve decided I need to take a more serious, well-thought out approach. For the next month or so I’m going to make a goal of posting AT LEAST once every two weeks. Then I’ll up it to once every week. Then, hopefully by the end of summer, I’ll have a specific day where I post each week.

That’s my goal as far as blogging in 2019 goes, and I’d appreciate any help or advice you can offer. This will be my first post following the new schedule.


Secondly, I made the decision that I’m going to take my time with my current WIP. With most of my other works I’ve been too hasty in writing and done almost no editing. I’ll admit that I was a bit of an amateur when I wrote my first novella, The Lost Princess. I’ve improved since then, and I hope to write a full-length novel, properly edit it, and look into purchasing a unique cover. (not quite to that point yet)

Now… because of this my writing process might be a little slower than usual. I hope to write 50,000+ words. A true, full-length novel. I’ve been putting the rough draft of my story up on Wattpad, a chapter a weekend. (if you decide to read it, keep in mind that some things have changed since I put up the first few chapters) It can be found Here

Evie’s Empire
After discovering most of her life is a lie, Evie has a choice. Defend her birthright or take the easy way out?

My WIP is currently titled Evie’s Empire. I’ve got lots of plans for these characters, and today I hope to introduce you to a few of the many characters.

On the eve of Evelyn Cort’s sixteenth birthday, she discovers that most of her life is a lie. She thought her life was normal, and that her best friend was just like her. She was wrong. Her grandfather turns her life upside down and brings her to a whole new world of intrigue, quests, and deceiving parents. Her life is a lie, but something better awaits. Evie is heir to something much larger than she could have ever imagined, and someone is trying to take her birthright. A country that she knows nothing about is in her hands, and she has a choice. Defend her birthright or do the easy thing and remain as she is?

blurb- Evie’s Empire

Princess Evelyn Cort- more commonly referred to as Evie, nearly sixteen-year-old princess, unaware of the secrets that shroud her life

Prince Edmond Cort- thirteen, shadow to his sister in politics but interested in swordsmanship

Prince Frederick Cort- Evie and Edmond’s guardian for most of their lives, and father to the emperor

Sir Dustin Benes- seventeen-year-old guard who grew up with Evie and Edmond, deep set wish to protect his princess

Dame Margaret Benes- knight, mother to Dustin, and one of the few friends to Frederick

Emperor William Cort- sent his children away, distances himself from most people including his wife

Empress Lillian Cort- married William at a young age, but resents the arranged marriage and travels around the kingdom

Archduke Jasper Benoit- eighteen-year-old friend to the Emperor and part of the Cortesian court

As you can see, I have a fairly large cast, although the Empress, Dame Benes, and Frederick have a limited amount of page time.


As I hinted at before, I hope to take a more serious and well-thought out route to publishing this time around. I’m not going to rush anything and in fact, I’m not even adding Evie’s Empire to Goodreads until later. I don’t have a publishing date either. My first goal is to finish. Then comes editing, before I worry about anything else.

Another thought I’ve had about publishing lately is hardcover books. They are terribly impractical for self-publishers but I’d like to have a hardcover copy for at least myself. Not dust jacket, as those are harder, but case wrap. I’ve been seriously looking into it and I think I can do it through Lulu, having them appear on Amazon. At any rate, if anyone has suggestions or has gone through hardcover publishing, please tell me!

As always, thanks for reading and please comment/like/share, whatever floats your boat, and I’d love to hear from you in person! You can contact me through my contact page.

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