Red Queen Series (Victoria Aveyard)

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This is a combined review of Red Queen and Glass Sword. I have not yet read the other novels and after I do I might feature all of them. If not you can read my thoughts on Goodreads.

Four stars

Prose: 5/5
Romance: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5

Miss Aveyard’s style did not change between the two books, and both were wonderfully written. As a writer, I admire her ability to immerse people in the story. The only times I stopped was when I was annoyed at Mare.


At first I liked the romance. It was sweet and fairly innocent in Red Queen and I was for Maven all the way. But then things happened and in Glass Sword I found the romance a bit annoying and frustrating because Mare insisted on distancing herself from everyone.


Similar to the romance, in Red Queen the characters were great and had pretty good arcs. Once we hit Glass Sword they seemed stuck in ruts until the end where they were a little better. I’m looking foreword to seeing more of Cal’s arc, because he has a lot of potential.


There were no dull moments in Red Queen and the end of Glass Sword was similar. The beginning of Glass Sword was slower, almost like a filler, but interesting.


Red Queen was a really good read. I’m looking foreword to the rest of the series, but after Glass Sword I don’t really care about the main character, Mare. Which is disappointing. I’m also looking forward to learning more about the silver community and the palace, because I found that very intriguing.


Magic, kisses (not detailed), mentions of a boy/girl couple sharing a room ‘but going no further’ and mentions of a different boy/girl becoming intimate. Hints at a girl being pregnant. Lots of blood/death. Not for the faint of heart. Quite a few violent deaths.

Looking forward: on the eighth of April I’ll have another post featuring a new story called Dance With Me

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