Why Snow In April is Awful

Up in northern Wisconsin, where I somehow made my home (a girl who is forever cold in a land that regularly is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit) we often get late snows. In fact, sometimes we have almost no snow in December but many feet once February hits! So I figured I’d add my perspective on these late snows. So, here is my version of a review.

One Star

Snow in April is the worst experience. It ships late, arrives just when you decide you don’t need it anymore, and then doesn’t turn out to be a very good product after all! It’s usually wet and mushy, involves icy sleet storms, and clouds the sky.

Often times, the snow blocks travel, increases the feeling of cabin fever, and causes many people to snap. The gray clouds limit visibility and create a downcast feeling among even the brightest spirits. People prone to bouts of depression are advised to steer clear, as the weather does nothing to lift anyone’s spirits.

I figured I’d open light-hearted and try to make you laugh. How was my attempt at humor? Did I fool you? On a more positive note, it’s finally getting warmer here and there isn’t any ice on the lake anymore. It’s finally inspired me to write again, so here I am with a few snippet from my current work. Also, a question, but you’ll have to read to the end to find it!

I’m on chapter ten, at about 44,500 words (give or take a few) so I’ve tried to be decently spoiler-free!

Sorry is such an inadequate word.
When the world is broken and falling apart around you and you know there’s nothing you can do about it, sorry doesn’t mean anything. Sorry is for when you stub your toe, or accidentally trip someone. Sorry doesn’t work when someone’s mother dies.


William knew he was out of options, and waved a hand at his guards, a subtle sign to ready their weapons. “Very well,” he said coolly. “It has come to this. All here gathered are my witnesses to this historic event. I have one request. Before I do this- get married.”
Evie’s eyes darted to Jasper, and then back. “What? Married? Right now? None of us are ready for a wedding.”
He raised his eyebrows, spread his hands in a wide gesture. “What can I say? A father wishes to see his daughter married.”

So there’s my few snippets! And yes, someone does get married. Rather abruptly. Onto my question of the day, do you have any blog post requests? I’m willing to do pretty much anything related to writing, and I’m sure some of you out there have some very good ideas, or maybe you just have a question for me that I can turn into a blog post. Either way, please contact me if you have anything!

Looking forward, I’ll be having a cover voting sort of thing after I finish the first draft of my novel. I’m not quite sure what to call it yet, but there will be a few basic covers and I’ll be taking a vote. Shortly after that, I’ll put together a final cover and have a cover reveal. But that will be pretty far in the future.

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!