Writing Block and Memes

I’ve hit a lack of inspiration lately, a sort of writing block, and I’m stuck at around 49,700 words. I have a lot more left to go, so I decided to share some inspiration things and tips for breaking writers block today.

As an author, or writer, whichever you consider yourself (you can find more on that in a great post by Elizabeth here), I’m sure you know the struggle of writers block. You also probably know how relatable writing memes are- although if you don’t you’re about to find out! Writers block isn’t impossible to defeat, and the most important thing is realizing that you can beat it- if you try hard enough.

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One of the things I do when I’m faced with writing block is Pinterest. It’s a fine line between using it for inspiration and just wasting time though, so I have to be careful. I have boards for each of my projects, and some for stories I haven’t even written yet. It’s a mine of information, and can help when I’m not feeling very inspired.

Towards the middle of the book, at about 30,00 words is when I get the most frustrated. This is when writers block really hits me and I have to try everything to get past it. If you have a time like this, keep in mind that once you do round the corner it will be a lot better. Writing at least two paragraphs a day or some other measure is often the best way to beat this type of writers block.

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When inspiration does hit and you’re in a situation where you can’t write, or if your problem is that you keep getting distracted by new story ideas, then write them in a notebook (I write them in my planner). This can help keep you organized, but also keep you on track. When I get a new idea, or inspiration while at school, I usually write it in my planner and then look over it/expand on it in study hall or homeroom.

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Overall, keep in mind that once you beat writers block it might come back. Don’t let that get you down though- write as much as you can while you are inspired and try to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing. Find out what works for you- don’t be afraid to try new things.

Lastly, I’ll remind you that coming up I’ll have a cover voting plus a cover reveal blog tour. If anyone is interested, comment or email me. It will take place some time over the summer, and I’ll have sign ups in the next month or so (fingers crossed).

And of course, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!